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anelie + kara

about anelie:

Anelie Taveras is a senior at NYC iSchool. She is a passionate writer who has loved poetry since she wrote a poem about spaghetti at the age of seven. Through her writing she captures snapshots of her life through poetry, and is always looking for new ways to expand her horizons. This is her second year participating in Girls Write Now. This year she received the Silver Key Scholastic Art Award for one of her poems,“Untitled.” In 2018 she plans to continue to write while pursuing a nursing degree.


about kara:

Kara Freewind is an editor and writer living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She is the copy manager at the beauty company Glossier, and has written for website likes, xoJane, Bustle,, and Riot of Perfume.

Put yourself at this Height & Weight Too

by anelie taveras

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