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Cindy + Kate

about cindy:

Cindy Wong, a proud Brooklyn native, is currently a senior at Hunter College High School in Manhattan's Upper East Side. She is interested in art, self-improvement, dance, music, astronomy, physics, writing, appreciation, and the meanings of life. If she could do anything in one day, she would walk the streets of Seoul and Tokyo. This is her first year at GWN's Digital Media Mentoring Program and she's hoping to explore herself through writing and technology. 


about kate:

Kate is a Content Strategy Manager at Original9 Media and a mentor in the Digital Media Mentoring Program. She leads integrated digital content programs for brands—from media properties to social strategies, website launches, and executive op-ed programs. In her spare time, she co-writes a newsletter called The Broadcast Biweekly featuring curated and original profiles of admirable women. 

i'll be okay,

i really will

by cindy wong

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