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HAvi + KK

about Havi:

Havi Pham is a junior at Vanguard High School. This is her second year as a Girls Write Now mentee. Havi aspires to learn more about developing stories and soaking inspiration in the company of fellow writers. Havi finds a drink of bubble tea in a small cafe is a great place to spark a new piece. Her mentor is KK Apple, a Vimeo editor during the day and an awesome tea-loving comedian. Together, KK is the tea to Havi's boba.


about KK:

KK is a writer and comedian in Brooklyn. She performs sketch comedy around NYC, and very often dances on stages large/small/living room. You can find her performing at UCB Theatre. She loves being a part of the community of passionate writers that share their words through Girls Write Now. Her mentee, Havi Pham, is a mega-talented musician and artful craft-maker. Havi is the bubbles to KK’s tea.


by havi pham

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