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imajae + kristen

about imajae:

Imajae is a high school senior at the Urban Assembly School of Business for Young Women in downtown Manhattan. Imajae lives in the Bronx where she grew up and learned all about escapism through writing. She loves to write fiction, poetry, and romantic novels — but mostly fantasy. 


about kristen:

Kristen is a writer born, raised, and based in NYC. She writes copy for an ad agency by day and creative nonfiction for her blog by night. After graduating from the George Washington University, Kristen put her business degree to good use by putting it aside and becoming a writer. Throughout her copywriting career, she has written for 20+ brands, penned 10+ responsive websites, and created social media content for 15+ brands. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and compulsively cleaning.

My Gateway

to the World

by imajae ferrer

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