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Jenny + Kendra

about jenny:

Jenny Huang is a high school senior with a passion for helping others. She enjoys the challenge of creating algorithms that comes with the study of computer science. Jenny's wide range of interests from medicine to videography and music, although disparate, are driven by her inclination towards working with people and being creative. Jenny joined GWN with hopes to become a more creative writer as well as a better communicator.

about kendra:

Kendra Pierre-Louis is a staff writer with Popular Science where she writes about science and the environment. Kendra has a Master of Science in Science Writing from the MIT, a MA in Sustainable Development from the SIT Graduate Institute, and a BA in Economics from Cornell University. She is also the author of the book Green Washed: Why We Can't Buy Our Way to a Green Planet. You can usually find  Kendra on Twitter or achieving dramatic feats like living in France without eating butter.

Sentimental Smoothie

by jenny huang

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