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kylie + jamie

about kylie:

Kylie Maria Gil is a junior at A. Philip Randolph Campus High School. Kylie was born in New York on July 18th, which makes her a Cancer – indisputably the best astrological sign. Her incomparable strength sources from the coexistence of two souls that dwell deep within her heart: The yin – a cute, kind and quirky angel. The yang – an unexpectedly daring, persistent and prideful demon. In a nutshell, Kylie is a gold coin adorned with rubies and diamonds.

about jamie:

Jamie L. Rotante is a  writer of the upcoming comic book series "Betty & Veronica: Vixens" for Archie Comics. She is excited to be joining the amazing GWN community for the first time and hopes to not only be a mentor, but to grow and learn from the experience herself!




by kylie gil

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