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Maya + cailtin

about maya:

This is Maya's second year participating in the Digital Media Program. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and attends Kingsborough Early College School as a junior. Reading is a hobby of hers, but she would like to explore writing in a digital format. Creating an autobiography is a newfound interest of Maya's, and she would like to explore that. Being in GWN, Maya hopes to gain more knowledge and experience about digital media.

about caitlin:

Caitlin Chase is a writer and creative with expertise in building narrative strategies for healthcare companies and nonprofit organizations. She currently leads content strategy at Sema4, a startup that is building innovative clinical tests and digital tools to enable better diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease through data. Caitlin’s work is dedicated to using story to help people feel empowered about their health choices and care. 

Freedence Through Hair

by Maya Gustave

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