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mia + Tracy

about mia:

Mia is 17, from Queens, New York and attends Benjamin N. Cardozo as a graduating senior.  Her love for writing stemmed from keeping a journal. Mia knew she wanted to become a journalist from reading the fine print at the end of each article with the journalist's name, which made her crave to see her own there one day. This is her first year as a mentee, and she's super excited for what's to come!

about tracy:

Tracy Miller has been writing and editing websites since the early '00s. She is now the Associate Director for Digital Communications at NYU Langone Health. She has an MA in Media Studies from The New School and is excited to be back on campus as part of DMP. When she's not in front of a laptop editing, you'll often find her playing street hockey on various patches of blacktop around the city.

Girls United

by Mia golatt

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