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sabrina + sara

about sabrina:

Sabrina is a high school senior from Queens, NY. She attends Stuyvesant High School, and this is her first year as a mentee in the Digital Media Mentoring Program. She does not consider herself a writer (at least not yet), but enjoys writing personal essays and wants to try out writing more fiction in the future. Besides reading and writing, Sabrina also likes coding, trying different brunch and dessert places around NYC, and scrolling through dog memes on Instagram.

about sara:

Sara is a Brooklyn-based writer, curator and educator. Full time, she is the Youth Culture Editor for WGSN, a fashion trend forecasting publication. In addition to being a GWN mentor, Sara teaches Concept Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology's precollege program. As a GWN mentor, she is excited to nurture young female voices and explore new media.

some reflections

by sabrina wen

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