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Sam + emma

about sam:

Samantha Defaz prefers Sam or Danny. They strongly believe their love for creating stems from being an antisocial shut-in. Aside from traditional writing, audio content like podcasts are their bread and butter. They are currently a high school senior who commutes between Queens and Brooklyn. They aspire to study psychology and creative writing in college. If that doesn't work out, then they will settle for accounting.

about emma:

Emma began her career in Mexico in politics and business. She has an MFA in Acting from The New School for Drama. Emma has worked with Academy Award-winning director Tom Hooper and Tony Award-winning director Ivo Van Hove. She is a comedy actor at FLAMA  and has been featured on Más Mejor. Emma's first off-broadway show was featured as a “NYC Top Pick” in Time Out Magazine.

dice of fate

by sam defaz

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