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sylvi + Diane

about sylvi:

Sylvi Stein, or Sylvi Warshaver-Stein, is a freshman at Hunter College High School who is passionate about poetry, prose, books, notebooks and writing in general. She has won a Silver Key and a Gold Key award in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in addition to winning first prize in a NYPL Short Story contest. Sometimes, her fingers itch, her heart thuds in her chest, and she has to write—to tell the world something, to remember who she is, to laugh, to mourn, to revel, to express, to remember. And to learn.

about diane:

An essayist and Francophile by education, Diane Bizzarro currently works in the tech and creative space. Outside of writing, editing, and creating video content at work, Diane continues to write poems, essays, and non-fiction in her free time. 

Streetlamps on Columbus

by sylvi stein

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