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veronica + nina

about veronica:

Veronica Occhi is a senior at LaGuardia High School where she studies instrumental music. She has been playing the violin for quite some time. She loves to nap, watch Netflix and go to museums. She has lived in Brooklyn her whole life but hopes to expand her horizons. Veronica wants to major in English in the future and her favorite genres are both fiction and science-fiction. This is her first year in GWN.

about nina:

Nina Zipkin is a staff writer at where she covers business, technology and culture. She writes a weekly column about women leaders and creating opportunity called "Open Every Door." Her work has also appeared in The Atlantic. She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and lives in Manhattan. She is a first year mentor with GWN and is very excited to join this community of storytellers.


by veronica occhi

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